In my older age, I’m getting soft, and I’ve learned to do stupid things a lot smarter.

I’m a 47-year-old bald and smooth Chinese dude. That’s what I wrote on dating apps when I encouraged women to change it up from the norm here in Portland, Oregon.

Tired of all…

Kindness can be rehearsed and practiced.

With the rise in hate crimes targeting Asians, I find myself thinking how I will respond if targeted. Two experiences in my twenties and the words of Martin Luther King are inspiring me to answer in kindness.

“Hate can­not dri­ve out hate; only love can do that.” …

Gather and stash useful nuggets for later.

Research for writing stories is easy with Google. One can find information to back up just about anything, including a flat earth or aliens living among us. This is great. However, there is no substitute for books and the depth of information in them.

I enjoy writing pieces about adventures…

First time sex after divorce. First time on pallets.

“Tired of white, bearded, and hairy guys? Go bald smooth and Chinese.”

That was the opening line on my dating profile.

While my grandparents had arranged marriages in China, I had the freedom to swipe through hundreds of ladies sitting in…


The language between a man and his dog takes time

Big Head, my yellow lab, follows close behind. Our footprints fill with water and crumble at the edges. I kneel and my cheek meets his dew soaked face. Vapor shrouds his lapping kisses. My gaze pans upward from the frosted riverbanks to the cliff tops steaming in the sun.


We’re doing our best.

Dear (Mom and Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom and Mom, Dad and Dad, Any adult who will listen!),

I’m writing this letter to tell you to lay off.

We just went through the craziest (I really want to use the F-word here) year in recent human history, and it’s still going…

Anecdote | Perspective

What we can learn from a deformed one pound bundle of fur

We learn all kinds of things from our cats, especially the ones that grow cranky and creaky with us. But what about a month-old kitten that looks like it has a deformity? …

Let tears make room for happiness

I rolled up to the bed and breakfast where we married, my eyes red from the winding mountain drive. The rusted bed frame that looked like a gravesite was gone. The yellow lab that walked me down the aisle was gone. …

Creative | Animals

Big Head prefers beef, but he is not like humans. He is grateful for what is in front of him.

Big Head, the yellow lab from the wilds of New Zealand, is used to scarfing buckets of lamb hearts, whole beef livers, and boxes of ribs. Within a couple weeks of arriving in the United States, he attends a vegan party in Oakland, CA.

An Excerpt from The Big Head…

I’m combatting Ripper Decline by modeling passion and fun.

I used to slide down hand railings, and fly off loading docks on my skateboard. Those days are gone. I’ve run the fastest I will ever run and jumped the highest I will ever jump. All nighters and tall bong rips are behind me. It’s safe to say I have…

Ryan Chin

Author of The Big Head Diaries, stories of a lab from NZ, and Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows, a multimedia memoir.

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